Our Expertise

Each portfolio at Autus is unique in structure and design to suit our clients’ goals and objectives. We believe our clients are best served setting realistic, forward-looking expectations that focus on their specific risk tolerance and return objectives.

We offer our clients many advantages:

Customized Portfolio Design
Designing truly customized portfolios that are well diversified across asset classes, economic sectors, and individual securities.
Investment Policy Statement (IPS) Preparation
Preparing a hand-tailored IPS to match your tolerance for risk and meet your needs for income, liquidity, and return.
Unbiased, Independent Research
Providing unbiased, independent research that is based on sound fundamental analysis. Our boutique structure facilitates a nimble and comprehensive approach for uncovering opportunities.
Risk Management
Managing investment risk by designing portfolios to address our clients’ unique circumstances and the imperfect correlations between asset classes, economic sectors, and individual securities.
Tax Sensitivity
Managing portfolios to allow for the greatest risk-adjusted returns, while actively minimizing tax liabilities.
Retirement Planning
Guiding you through the retirement planning process, revising your plan on a continuous basis, and addressing how best to distribute assets from your retirement plan accounts.
Concentrated-Wealth Risk Management
Designing a program to reduce risk due to concentrated positions and systematically diversify your portfolio.
Stock Option Strategies
Assisting in the understanding of your stock options, developing an exercise strategy, and addressing diversification needs.
Client Focused
Understanding the unique needs of each client and communicating with them on a regular basis to review goals, strategies, and portfolio performance.
Experienced Investment Professionals
Working with a knowledgeable and credentialed investment management team that is exclusively committed to building customized, efficient portfolios.
Cost Efficiency
Minimizing portfolio costs through competitive management fees, efficient portfolio solutions, and low asset turnover.
Institutional Support
Utilizing industry leading financial institutions, such as Charles Schwab and Fidelity Investments, to provide asset custody, tax reporting, and trading support. These institutions offer account features including online access, check writing, bill paying, wire transfers, systematic withdrawals, margin capability, etc.

Wealth Management Services

Portfolio Analysis and Personalized Risk Assessment

We review existing holdings, identify strengths and weaknesses, analyze risks, and determine a plan to improve and enhance your portfolio.

Investment Policy Statement Design

All of our clients have an individual policy statement to articulate their goals and objectives, define asset allocation targets, list acceptable investments, and identify a performance benchmark.

Customized Portfolio Management

We will construct a portfolio with careful consideration of each client’s unique circumstances and customize it to the specific needs of the individual.

Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring and Reviews

We continuously analyze, evaluate, and adjust our client portfolios, ensuring adherence with and progress toward stated investment goals.

Wealth Forecasting and Retirement Planning

We analyze our clients’ progress toward meeting long-term financial goals and objectives utilizing state-of-the-art planning software.

Risk Management

All investment decisions, including portfolio construction, security selection, and setting return expectations, are made within an overall risk framework that is well-defined and tailored to each individual client.  

Tax Consultation

We coordinate with clients’ tax professionals, and always consider tax ramifications when making investment changes.

Cash Flow Management

Our forecasting software helps set reasonable expectations for spending, and incorporates multiple factors such as income, investment returns, taxes, and inflation.