The Autus Review

As the world begins to emerge from the shadow of the global pandemic, policy sins of the past are beginning to catch up with us.



Asset prices have reached new highs and economic growth has rebounded sharply. But uncertainty remains, and it appears the “easy gains” have likely already been made.


The economic picture can be summarized pretty concisely: the expansion had been robust, but then the world shut down because of the coronavirus, causing an economic collapse.


After a decade of expansion, the economic outlook is becoming somewhat less clear. Trade wars, waning confidence, and political uncertainty have dampened the prospects for robust growth.


A combination of fiscal stimulus, softening regulatory policies, and heightened business and consumer confidence have led to an acceleration…


The stock market continues to grind higher, closing at record levels on almost a daily basis, despite several potential headwinds.


In spite of all the election year noise, it is economics, not politics, that really matters. This has certainly been the strangest political season in memory…


It’s been a long time coming, but a cyclical market correction is finally here. China got the ball rolling in August with a harsh market decline in Shanghai…