About Us

At Autus, we pride ourselves on providing customized portfolio management solutions supported by independent research and unparalleled client service. We honor each client’s right to be treated as a unique individual.

Our History

Founded in 2001, Autus is a 100% fee-based boutique Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). This structure gives us the ability to act independently and in the best interest of our clients, while aligning their goals with ours.

20 Years in Business


$1.4 Billion AUM


Dedicated Team of Professionals

Based in Scottsdale, AZ

Each portfolio at Autus is unique in structure and design to suit our clients’ goals and objectives.

“Investing is not a smooth, graceful progression to wealth: It is a bumpy road and requires persistence and constancy of purpose.” Charles D. Ellis, CFA

Our Philosophy

We understand that investing is a process of making decisions today for which the outcome, and ultimate impact, will not be fully understood for years to come. As such, our investment philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). This theory holds that efficient portfolio management maximizes a given expected return for a given amount of risk by carefully choosing the proportions of various assets.

From our perspective, this begins by designing a well-diversified portfolio of imperfectly correlated assets that respond differently to various market and economic environments.

“Our mission is to provide innovative, customized portfolio management solutions that help our clients reach their unique financial goals while carefully controlling risk.”

Our Mission

To successfully accomplish our mission, we view the capital markets with a broad perspective, removing any bias toward alternative asset classes and investment strategies.

At the same time, we work diligently to understand our clients’ unique circumstances and risk tolerance. It is imperative that we communicate effectively with our clients on a regular basis, making the commitment to provide unrivaled client service.